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How can my warehouse turn orders around in an hour?


You have newly opened a spare parts warehouse, which while servicing orders for your dealers, is also servicing orders for emergency off-road vehicles. You get both orders from the same warehouse, and serve them in the same cycle, though you attempt to dispatch the emergency orders on priority using express couriers.

The problem is, there is a world of difference between a dealer who expects his order to arrive in two days, and the emergency vehicle whose asset value is diminishing with every minute it spends waiting for the spare to arrive. Emergency or fast-turn around orders have to be dealt separately as compared to your regular deliveries, and should follow a shorter lead time. (Unless you are in a business where every order is fast turn-around, in which case you can follow the basic philosophy for all your orders.)

So how can we shorten the warehouse lead time or the order turn-around time? Continue reading

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